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You're looking for a trustworthy insurer?? The insurance broker is the essential place to start your search. Have the insurance to make the right choice!!

question WHY A BROKER
It's simple : We'll work with you, for you and most of all, It's FREE OF CHARGE.
The best insurance...
my insurance broker.

The process...

The initial meeting
Your broker will go through an indepth analysis of your specific needs while considering only YOUR goals and expectations, NOT those of the potential insurer.

Market analysis
His awarness of market changes and knowledge of the different insurer's available capacity, your broker will increase competitivity of the industry's major players. This results in the best possible scenario for you.

Your Choice
It's here where your broker's knowledge and experience plays an extremely key role in assisting you. Based once again on your needs, he will guide and advise you in an impartial manner, towards the right insurer. Keep in mind that a direct insurer can only offer you HIS standard program.

Putting the policy in place
Your broker will explain in detail, the different clauses, obligations and consequences of lack of. He will simplify your understanding of the different endorsements and will assist you in POLICY ON LINE.

During your policy's lifespand
Your broker plays a definite proactive role and acts as a collaborative partner. New coverages, special endorsements, claims, renewal process, etc. You have questions, your broker has the answers.


ccd assurance
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