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What is Trade Credit Insurance?

More often than none, trade Credit Insurance protects your business against bad debts and commercial insolvencies. But it can also be extended to cover work in progress and even new economic or political events that may inhibit a customer`s ability to pay.

Accounts Receivable Insurance offers many other advantages. It allows you to:

Protect your equity by insuring what's very often considered to be your company's most important asset; it's accounts receivables.

Reduce or eliminate your bad debt reserves, freeing up capital for growth.

Increase your sales with present client base and/or develop new markets. "The insurer bears the risk".

Increase your borrowing power up to 90% on secured receivables and benefit from better lending conditions. Financial institutions recognize all insurers with whom we work.

Eliminates LC's and stay ahead of the competition by offering better, more flexible payment terms.

Trade credit Insurance programs are tax deductible!


Have you ever analysed the highly negative impact a loss can create on your bottom line?

At CCD, we will clearly show you
how to make the cost of investment
of a trade credit insurance policy,
a profitable one.

Contact our customer service team today and set up an appointment with one of our consultants, it may end up being one of the best decisions you've made in a while.

ccd assurance
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